Configure your VPS


If you use to trade using forex robots then you certainly need a good VPS because it’s quite risky to keep your computer plugged all the time, what if your internet connection suddenly drops right when you are about to open a trade or to close one for a nice profit? Uptime is the main reason of owning a vps in the first place. You need a machine with an uptime of 99% but internet quality connection makes the difference because you need a very good connection between your vps and your broker.  In the following article I’ll show you some tips and tricks you may need in order to be able to run multiple forex robots without slowing it down.
Windows operating system, 1 GB or more RAM, 1.5 GHz CPU, 100 GB HDD is all you need just for running expert advisors. Such a setup is very affordable, you shouldn’t spend more than $20 per month. You don’t need much space on HDD, the average EA is no more than a few kylobites, metatrader platform itself is no more than 15 GB, the only real issue is the memory. A bad coded forex robot can fill all your available memory causing your VPS to crush. Here are a few tips and trick to save available memory and avoid filling it with unnecessary stuff:

1. Restart your VPS on weekly basis, let’s say every sunday where market is closed and your trades are safe.

2. Do not backtest your forex robot on that VPS.

3. Do not use more bars in history than you have to. No forex robot should use more than 500 bars in history, even less. Start metatrader, Go to Tools menu, select Options, change the value of Max bars in history to 1000. That saves a lot of memory!

4. Metatrader has some built in features you don’t need, one of them is news feed. Disable that.Start metatrader, Go to Tools, select Options, click Server tab, then uncheck Enable news. News are now disabled.

5. Erase all indicators you don’t need, remove hem from the chart. They may eat up a lot of memory for nothing.

6. Close all charts you don’t need and hide currencies you don’t trade. In order to do that, open only the charts you need, for example EURUSD M30, then go to Market Watch, right click anywhere on that section and select Hide All. This will hide all currencies you don’t need leaving only the ones that have a chart open.

7. Do not open programs and services you don’t need, use your VPS only for trading!

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