The importance of relaxation while trading forex

Dear users, I haven’t had much time to write recently. In fact, I haven’t logged in into my vps until 2 days ago. And what have I found? I have found that, without my help (manual intervention) my AI based robot, Zamolxis, recovered within 2 months just like backtests shows. This is a good news and I hope until the end of the year I will have some profit on my small test account ($290). I need an entire year to live test this strategy (self learning neural network) before put it on my large account (and share it with other users if they’re interested).

In the meantime, let me remind you my backtest validation formula: optimize the robot for a few years then backtest it against unseen data. If the max historical drawdown is not changed, and profit distribution remains the same, then the strategy is valid, otherwise it isn’t.

I’m willing to take a larger drawdown in equity but the recovery should be fast, no more than 2 months of drawdown.

If I only invest what I can afford to lose, I’m more calm and relaxed, I won’t login every day, I let the robot do its work and stop it if my backtest validation formula is broken which didn’t happen so far. I’m eager to see the results after a few months, until then I’ll focus on my day job, read more forex books  and try to find ways to improve my AI engine.