Old forex robots

As you probably noticed, the new MT4 build 600 has been launched bringing with it very important changes:

1. Old file structure is no longer working, the entire file structure has changed. The new compiler brings together MQ4 and MQ5 syntax, one compiler for two programming languages, great isn’t it?
3. New features added and also the security is greatly improved, mq4 files are no longer easy to crack.
4. DLL structure has also changed and old commercial robots are no longer working under the new build.

In the past I have been paid to code commercial forex robots by different vendors, Richard, Forex Pips Bag, Forex Cleaner and Forex Fancy Bot vendor is one of them. Richard left the industry, websites and domains were no longer paid and vanished. But customers are still customers and need to be well served.

Therefore, I have ported those robots to the newest build 600.

Download Forex Fancy Bot, latest version – MT4 build 600

Download Forex Cleaner, latest version – MT4 build 600

Download Forex Pips Bag, latest version – MT4 build 600

Download EuroSmarter v4, latest version – MT4 build 600

EuroSmarter v4 changes

1. It now runs on EURUSD, M30 timeframe instead of M5 timeframe. There is too much noise nowadays on M5, so please set it on M30, EURUSD.

2. It now has a very powerful recovery function, by default after each losing trade, the initial lot doubles and the losses are recovered very fast.
Basically, the initial lot increases by increment_lot external parameter which is set to 2 by default. If you have high risk appetite you may increase it or set to to another value, 1.5 for example (in this case, after each losing trade the next lot is lot*1.5). If you want to disable recovery just set increment_lot = 1

No other external parameters need to be changes. Just throw it on EURUSD, M30 and enjoy!


How to install those robots

1. Open MT4, go to top menu, Click File, select Open Data Folder

Open Data Folder

Open Data Folder

2. Select MQ4 folder and click on it to open

Open MQ4

Open MQ4

3. Under MQ4 there is a folder called Experts

Open Experts Folder

Open Experts Folder

This folder contains all your forex robots.

Copy the downloaded .ex4 file and paste it into that folder as seen in my picture.

4. Restart MT4 and enjoy 🙂

No DLLs were used, I consider build 600 to be safely enough.