Pay per profit

Zamolxis is an work in progress and it will always be, it suffers improvements on monthly basis. Then, a lot of stress tests follows and if it passes, the valid changes are added to the core algorithm and a new version is released.

It behaved very well during an year and a half, therefore I’d like to raise the stake and take Zamolxis project to the next level: an artificial brain made out of bayesian filters and neural networks. This artificial brain will monitor all timeframes instead of just one, log every change in the market and send trading signals accordingly.

However, a large database will be needed along with a huge computing power. The final product will communicate with the database residing on an amazon cloud and place trades for you.

Will you be interested in a monthly pay per profit scheme? If you win let’s say 100 pips, you pay me the cost of 10 pips, the losing months won’t be charged, no more yearly subscription.

Please express yourself using the poll located on the right sidebar, your opinion matters!