How to turn $100 into $14,000


Turning $100 into $14,000 within 100 days, is it possible or is just a dream? My answer is: let’s try and see if it’s possible or not. My daily basis common sens tells me it’s impossible but with a little lack and knowledge this dream may become real. But first, I need a good strategy and what strategy is better than use the power of compounding?

I had a spare live account with only $47 left in it. I started messing around and last week I was left with $12. Then, I said to myself, well, this is a challenge, to get everything back, which I did plus some profit, at the moment I’m writing, my account balance is $90.

I’m willing to push the challenge further and try to raise that account as much as I can.

My strategy: risk no more than 5% / trade, stop loss = take profit. Daily target is 5%. In order to achieve that, I’m gonna double my stake after each loss, for example:

Trade 1: $5 – lost, $95 left
Trade 2: $10 lost, $85 left
Trade 3: $20 lost, $65 left
Trade 4: $40 lost, $25 lost

I can’t lose more than 4 trades is a row. Well, this is the general idea, which I’m not going to respect entirely if I can profit from a very big move and win more, but I’m trying not to earn less than 5% every day. After all, I’m starting with almost nothing and I got nothing to lose.

If I start with $100 and earn 5% every day, using the power of compounding after 100 days I’ll be sitting on $14,000!

Sounds great in theory and very difficult to achieve in practice but a proper mindset is the key to success. I can afford to lose $1,000 without blinking, but if I reach $5,000 from $100 will I be willing to continue without withdrawing at least half of my profit and strictly follow my goal? Frankly, I don’t know how to answer this question right now, I don’t know how mentally strong I am, but I know one thing: only the brave are getting rich. Not the smartest, not the luckiest, but the bravest.

The strategy I’m going to use is trading near support and resistance levels: if support level is broken then buy, if resistance level is broken, then sell.

I may not every reach $300 with this aggressive style of trading but what do I have to lose? It’s only $90 and it’s fun to try. 🙂

Live account will be posted tomorrow when the market opens.